Dealing with Cash Flow Detroit has simple steps to take you from interested investor, metro Detroit property owner.

1. Schedule a consultation with one of our advisers to discuss your goals, investable capital, desired return, etc. Our team will develop a real estate plan for you. We will email you details and photos of properties we feel best suit your needs.

2. Select which of these homes you want or request more options.

3. When a selection has been made, the buyer/investor makes a non-refundable reservation fee which goes into escrow.

NOTE: Renovations begin on home selected are completely paid for by Cash Flow Detroit. You do not pay anything until closing 4-6 weeks from reservation.

4. Cash Flow Detroit will provide the investor with  a current property inspection report and copies of the rental agreement(s).

5. Cash Flow Detroit and the buyer work with the Title Agency to prepare the title work. At this point, the buyer provides to the Title Agency - to hold in trust - the agreed amount specified between the buyer and Cash Flow Detroit.

6. The Title Agency issues a warranty deed and Cash Flow Detroit provides this to the buyer.

7. The Title Agency registers the new ownership deed with the County Register of Deeds and issues a registration number. At this point, the deal is legally completed.

8. The Title Company provides certified true copies of all documents to all parties.

About Us

We are a Detroit-based Real Estate Investment Company that services local, national, and international investors. We offer turnkey solutions: Acquisition/Disposition, Rehab/Maintenance, and Property Management, all under one roof. Our team can handle every aspect of the transaction for our clients. We provide the top-level services and transparency that investors need to feel safe and secure in their investments far from home.

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